MG7 P4.8, the led dance floor shinning at National Treasure

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A large-scale cultural exploration program National Treasure was recently launched by China's Central Television (CCTV) in Beijing, 

with curators from nine museums nationwide featured in the launch ceremony.

The TV program will exhibit 27 of the most precious treasures from the nine museums, across 27 episodes, 

which present the treasures through different artistic methods, and fully interpret the stories and history behind each piece of cultural relic. 

MG7 P4.8 dance floor  National Treasure

MG7 P4.8 dance floor  National Treasure

Innovative, informative and fun are the words that was used most frequently to describe the show, 

which is also the reason for National Treasure received high acclaim. The stage used a lot of advanced led equipment and technologies, 

such as the led mobile stage, the hologram system, the icicle screen and dance floor, etc.

 This classical, magnificent and High-tech stage was designed by HUAAO CHUANMEI, and YES TECH MG7 P4.8 outdoor led screens was used as the dance floor.

MG7 P4.8 dance floor  National Treasure

MG7 P4.8 dance floor  National Treasure

MG7 P4.8 outdoor led screens is the Supreme of upgraded Magic Stage series, 

It can be used for indoor & outdoor interactive LED display, indoor & outdoor dance floor, stadium LED display,

sky curtain, normal big LED display (rental & fixing) and many kinds of applications. 

MG7 P4.8 has been used as as a dance floor for a lot of big events, such as the cadillac concert, the BYD TANG 100 release conference,

the spring festival gala of Beijing TV, the Israel high school festigal and so on. Its high resolution brings exquisite display effect, making your stage magnificent!

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