Join us at PALM Expo India 2018

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It was really a impressive exhibition for those who joined PALM Expo India in last year, although the weather was hot and stuffiness, the temperature was over 30 degree centigrade. 

As the most famous and influential AV industry exhibition in South Asia, there were 21506 visitors and 170exhibitors in 2017.

PALM Expo India YES TECH 2018

This year, PALM Expo India will soon begin at May, 31st, and we are coming! Let's see the products that will show.

PALM Expo India YES TECH 2018

1. MG7 P4.8 led display, which is the most versatile LED display with high-quality shows you its multi-use.

The home screen, dance floor, stadium screen, sky curtain screen and some creative shaped screens at the scene are all built by MG7 P4.8 led display.

PALM Expo India YES TECH 2018

2. MG6 P2.84 led display, which provides real high definition display effect. 

Using A8S receiver card, together with high gray and refresh IC, it can achieve 18bit + gray scale, rotation at any angle, display more delicate, real and interesting. 

With unique multi holes design, together with easy operating ±15°curved connectors, can be easily used as a curved screen, including inner and outer curve, S-shape, and circle.

PALM Expo India YES TECH 2018

3.The MC Series led display which is lightweight can be used as fixed indoor led display, it is both front and back serviceable. 

Display, receiver and driver are integrated, simplified the internal structure.The gray output can reach up to 18bit+, and the images are significantly upgrated.

It is definitely your wise and worry-free choice for indoor led display. 

PALM Expo India YES TECH 2018

PALM Expo India 2018

Booth No.:  HALL 1 F57 

Time: 2018.5.31-2018.6.2

Place: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India

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