Next Station, Infocomm USA!

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Infocomm USA 2018 will soon begin on June 6th in Las Vegas, YES TECH sincerely invites you to join us together! There are two main products waiting for you to experence.

1. MG7 P4.8 led display, which is the most versatile LED display with high-quality shows you its multi-use. 

The home screen, dance floor, stadium screen, sky curtain screen and some creative shaped screens at the scene are all built by MG7 P4.8 led display.

  MG7 P4.8
MG7 P4.8, the Supreme of MAGIC STAGE

2.MC Series led display, which is lightweight can be used as fixed indoor led display, it is both front and back serviceable. 

Display, receiver and driver are integrated, simplified the internal structure.

The gray output can reach up to 18bit+, and the images are significantly upgrated.It is definitely your wise and worry-free choice for indoor led display.

MC Series
MC Series,   the LED Displayfor Indoor Fixed Installation

It is the fifth year for YES TECH to attend the Infocomm exhibition, hope we can meet you in Las Vegas!

Infocomm USA 2018

Booth No.: N2174

Time: 2018.6.6-2018.6.8

Place: Las Vegas Convention center

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Infocomm USA 2018 YES TECH

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