How to do safe inspections for led screen in summer

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There is always high temperature with thunderstorm in summer, it is a point we must concern about that how to keep the screen a stable and normal working condition. 

YES TECH now shares some inspection methods to you.

ì1. Items:Waterproof Inspections

=External structure examination 

1.Check there is transmitting or not; 

2.Check the waterproof and structural adhesive has aging cracking or not; 

3.Check there is a mark of water stains or not. 

=Interior structure examination
1.Check the led module suit is broken or not; 

2.Choose a sample and check the integrality of pouring sealant; 

3.Check is there is water spot or rust in interior.

ì2. Items:Electric system Inspections

=Electricity box examination 

1.Check the air switch test key, make sure it has protective tripping when in circumstances of short circuit; 

2.Keep the electricity box clear, avoid short circuit and burning by dust; 

3.Use a infrared thermometer to check the switches, make sure the temperature is in a safe range; 

4.Power on and check the electricity box sounds abnormal or not. 

=Wire examination 

1.Check the roll line is loosen or not; 

2.Check the wire wrap is broken, aged, melted or not; 

3.Check the temperature of the wire is abnormal or not. 

ì3. Items:Cooling system Inspections

=External air exhaust examination 

1.Check the cooling system to keep it work, avoid air outlet burning; 

2.Check the drain-pipe if using an air conditioner. 

=Interior cooling examination 

1.Record the system operation temperature, make sure the highest temperature is within the safe range; 

2.Clear the dust of led screen exhaust fan.

ì4. Items:Pest control Inspections

1.Check if there is pest faeces or not; 

2.Put some vermifuge in a safety zone.

ì5. Items:Eliminate external risks Inspections

1.Check the peripheral electrical equipments is working or not, such as the spot light, advertising board, neon light, etc.

Those above is some of the important inspection items, some more should be checked for special items.
Please remember that security is the basic guarantee of all interests.

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