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DS Stage Rental Series

Pixel Pitch: 1.95/2.6/2.9/3.9/4.8/5.9/6.9/7.8mm

Cabinet Size: 500*500*80 / 500*1000*80mm

Operating Environment: Outdoor / Indoor

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  • DS Stage Rental Series: Stable and Speedy

    DS Stage Rental Series: Stable and Speedy
  • Five-layer Protection

    With five-layer protection,effectively protect the module from damage.

    So the cabinet is stronger, the performance is more stable, installation and transportation is more secure and reliable.

    Five-layer Protection
  • Stable and Convenient

    Modular design, can realize universal interchange of cabinet, control box and module, easier for maintenance. 

    Stable and Convenient
  • Stable and Convenient

    Module with honeycomb design, higher structural strength, more stable performance; 

    Shrapnel connection module, with unique reinforcement design, Module replacement is more labor-saving;

    Stable and Convenient
  • Patented control box locking mechanism

    Patented control box locking mechanism realized quickly disassemble and faster fault handling. 

    Remove-lift the handle to loosen, Assembly-press the handle to lock.

    Patented control box locking mechanism
  • Excellent Experience

    Automatic accurate color calibration, excellent display technology, clear and exquisite picture, more comfortable viewing experience.

    Excellent Experience
  • Full Front & Rear Maintenance

    Support full front & rear maintenance, realize fast disassembling in different occasions, better installation experience.

    Full Front & Rear Maintenance
  • More Designs

    Patented high-precision arc-lock design (optional),extremely Convenient and efficient.

    With the seamlessly cabinet assembly, it can present an perfect arc shape and more stage design. 

    More Designs
  • More Designs

    500mm*500mm and 500mm*1000mm 2 specifications are available, can realize two size cabinet splicing and Up and down dislocation.To meet the requirements of customers in different application scenarios.

    More Designs
Product NameDS P2.9DS P3.9DS P4.8DS P5.9DS P6.9DS P7.8
Operating Environmentoutdooroutdooroutdooroutdooroutdooroutdoor
LED Encapsulation151619211921192119211921
Pixel Pitch (mm)
Module Size (mm)250x250250x500250x500250x500250x500250x500
Cabinet Size (mm)500X500X80500x500x80/500x1000x80
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)168x168128x256104x20884x16872x14464x128
Weight (kg/cabinet)8/12.58/12.58/12.58/12.58/12.58/12.5
White Balance Brightness (nit)3000-35003000-35003000-35003000-35003000-35003000-3500
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle160° / 120°160° / 120°160° / 120°160° / 120°160° / 120°160° / 120°
Power Consumption(W/Cabinet)250/100250/100200/80250/100200/80250/100
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920HZ/3840HZ

Product NameDS P1.95DS P2.6DS P2.9DS P3.9DS P4.8
Operating Environmentindoorindoorindoorindoorindoor
LED Encapsulation4 in 11515202021212121
Pixel Pitch (mm)1.952.
Module Size (mm)250x250250x500
Cabinet Size (mm)500x500x76500x500x80500x500x80500x500x80/500x1000x80
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)128x12896x9684x8464x12852x104
Weight (kg/cabinet)
White Balance Brightness (nit)800-1200
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle160°/ 120°
Power Consumption(W/Cabinet)180/70150/60120/50100/4080/30
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920HZ/3840HZ

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