The coming two exhibitions that YES TECH will attend

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Modern, fashion, prosperous, beautiful, a historic and cultural cities - 

Guangzhou; Light, convenient, elegant, creative, an industry-leading LED display - 

Magic Stage. After ISE 2016, "Magic Stage" will meet you at Guangzhou next!

2016 International Signs & LED Exhibition (ISLE) and 2016 Prolight + Sound Guangzhou a

re the two top authoritative professional LED exhibitions that will both be hold in February. 

By then, YES TECH will use "Magic stage" and its multi function frame to create a LED display combinations

 to perfectly show its multi-use and multi-functional.

Magic Stage P4.8 led screen will be on show

Now you have more choices on pixel pitch for Magic Stage, the same stable quality, the unique advantages for “LED Display with multi-use and multi-style". And, as an outdoor led display products, Magic Stage P4.8  led screen no matter has high-level of protection , but also has lager viewing angle, more vivid colors and more clear display ef

The front mask of dance floor that was made by Magic Stage will be on show

When using "Magic Stage" as a dance floor, the front mask can provide more completely protection for the cabinets, and the frosting surface can make the display effect to be more soft.

New Multi function frame that can help led display's installation more flexible will be on show

The new Multi function frame completely changes the complex and heavy traditional installation for LED display. It can help you to install a sky curtain, a dance floor or a removable stage screen with very easy operations. Don't you like!


▼ ISLE 2016

Date: 2016.02.24-2016.02.27

Add: Area B, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Booth No.: 10.2-C30

▼ Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2016

Date: 2016.02.29-2016.03.03

Add: Area A, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou

Booth No.: 5.2-D08


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