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From creation to distribution to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways. The show floor spans more than one mile and contains hardware, software and all of the latest technologies from global brands and cutting-edge start-ups. Check out exhibits and exciting new attractions and pavilions.

yestech NAB SHOW 2019

 Our Exhibits : 

1、MG7S P3.9 is the newly upgraded one of Magic Stage series led screen, it continues the strong advantages of multi-use and creative shapes, and improves the heat dissipation performance and structural strength. It adopts full modular design, which is safer, more stable and more convenient.

 Multi-use:   It can be used as outdoor and indoor home screen, dance floor, standium screen, sky curtain, curve screen, creative shaped screen, interactive screen, etc.

 Creative shapes:   It can make ±15° curving, up & down, left & right, front & back dislocated installation to realize a lot of creative shapes, such as circle, letters, numbers, heart, car, christmas tree, dimond, etc. 

2、MG6S series which is the upgraded indoor rental series has a remarkable upgrade and optimization in appearance, internal design, application performance, maintenance methods and so on. A series of convenient humanized design, just to give you a more handy operation experience.

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