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PALM Expo India will be launched tomorrow, international staffs of YES TECH have been to Bombay Exhibition Center early to prepare. Although the weather is burning hot, they make our great efforts to do the best.

YES TECH bring better show in the exhibition this year. MG7S P3.9 Pro, from our star series Magic Stage series, will be launched excitingly. We push out the “magic lever principle”——you only have one product Magic Stage Series MG7S P3.9 Pro to creates infinite possibilities.

The display with multi-functions, 

“4 Reduces” realize Max Value of one product.


1. Reduce procurement cost

If you want to buy 50m2 indoor displays+50m2 outdoor displays+50m2 dance floors of other brands, then I advise you buy 150m2 MG7S P3.9 Pro because you will have 150m2 indoor displays+150m2 outdoor displays+150m2 dance floors. It enhances product utilization and market competitiveness.

2. Reduce management cost

Purchasing 150m2 MG7S P3.9 Pro is equal to have 150m2 indoor displays+150m2 outdoor displays+150m2 dance floors, so you have 450m2 application areas but just need to manage 150m2.

3. Reduce storage pressure

Only manage 150m2=450m2 product applications; Magic Stage series raises storage space utilization and reduces storage pressure.

4. Reduce maintenance cost

Maintain 150m2 Magic Stage series=Maintain 450m2 of other brands; Only master the maintenance technology of one product, it is more professional and relaxed for after-sales stuffs. 

The display with creative shapes, 

more creativity, higher value.

1.Create maximum value for you

Since fierce market competition, single product already couldn’t provide more value. MG7S P3.9 Pro matches MG series extended products to realize more creative shapes, and creates maximum value for you.

2.Make your stage more wonderful

Make hundreds of creative shapes easily. Stage styles are richer and more wonderful, on-site effect is more gorgeous.

3.Increase more projects bidding chances

Make your product different to attract more customers, and increase more projects bidding chances.

4.Improve market competitiveness of single product

One product realizes the functions of various products so as to increase the price, enhance your market competitiveness, and create more business value.

Magic Stage Series MG7S P3.9 Pro have more surprises for you! Come to PALM Expo to know more!

From PALM Expo India of eastern hemispheres to InfoComm Show USA of western hemispheres, we prepare and treat very responsibly and sincerely, and never let down you.

Exhibition: PALM Expo India 2019

Booth No.: Hall3 E58

Time: May 30-June 1,2019

Place: Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India

Exhibition: InfoComm 2019

Booth No.: 2581

Time: June 12-14,2019

Place: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, USA


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