In This October, You Need an Audio-visual Feast!

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This is an audio-visual feast,

This is extreme “battle” between 

sound and pictures,

 In 2019, we join Prolight+Sound again,

Hold a wonderful exhibition 

and wait for you coming!

This is a visual travel.

YESTECH will have a fresh show,

Differs from the former modern design style,

This time our booth design is an irregular big screens with eight-corners tunnel portal of Suzhou traditional garden style,

Visitors can see the other

view through the portal,

Delicately embodies oriental classical aesthetics,

The people walks with the scene changes, partly hidden and partly visible, elegant and implied.

We let the vision and the audio

mix together perfectly.

YESTECH’s booth,

Adopting MG7S P3.9 Pro

to be stage background,

With its strong performance

and outstanding display effect,

Hold the focus of the exhibition.

MG series P4.8 and MG11&MG12 make the stage big screen&dance floor and step screens,

The high brightness and high contrast of P4.8 screen with creative extension series easily achieve various shapes,

Make it well meets many applications such as stage background, dance floor, and step screen.

The reception desk uses MG series P4.8 whose strong performance makes 

the booth information more eye-catching.

The demo platform uses MG series popular indoor product P2.84, its 18bit+ HD display effect will definitely make you stop for it.

The exhibition site will bring global leading audio production software, create a comprehensive recording experience hall, and form an pattern that an exhibition has the other exhibition,

The amazing sound space is integrated with the modern optoelectronic technology of YESTECH.

With the switch of play materials, 

the picture will change instantly,

Let your ears and eyes 

feel the audio-visual “spark”!

It's an feast that upsets your imagination!

The autumn is coming, 

The wind blows gently and the air is clear; 

Heart attack once, 

Make an appointment. 

 Prolight+Sound Shanghai 2019

Booth No.: N4B01 

Place: Shanghai New International  Expo Centre 

Time: October 10-13 

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