Curving installation of Magic Stage series LED display

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For Magic Stage LED screen installation, we provide customers four methods: hanging installation, fixing installation, curving installation and dislocation installation. Customers can choose an appropriate installation style according to the situation.

Curving installation adopts special connector to connect cabinet with each other, by twisting the connector to form arc screen.

Full color screen curving installation is formed by using the curved connector which can be reversed (A-connector, as shown in picture 1 ). Customers can install the cabinet in outer arc, inner arc and “S” shape according to own requirements.

Picture 1: curving installation diagram 

As shown in picture 1, install two cabinets as curved screen: Use A-connector, ensure the cabinet surface is smooth, then twist two ends of A-connector, then tighten the above butterfly screw.

Picture 2: Top view of outer arc, inner arc,and “S” shape