Those Common Software Problems on LED Screen

Author:AdminClick: 3748Time:2016-09-05 11:25:00

1. Connection interruption or prompt unable to find the control card when star the software, or the interface of the software is not adjustable, that is,gray status, and there is no main controlling icon of the software LED control equipment list.

① Change USB cable.
② Check the equipment connection in the equipment manager. 
③ Ensure that the computer is without virus.
④ If sending card installs in the computer, it is probably due to the loose slot or dirty PCI. Please insert sending card again or clean PCI interface by rubber.

2. Indicator light of the output port for sending card is extinguished.
① Relevant control software has not been installed, please ensure the installation. 
② The FPD of the Graphics card is closed. Please right click “my computer” on the desktop, and then click properties-> setting-> advanced> display-> FPD.