Those Common Hardware Problems on LED Screen

Author:AdminClick: 3652Time:2016-09-05 11:29:00

Those Common Hardware Problems on LED Screen

1. There is no content on the LED screen
Solution: There are various reasons, first, please check the screen is powered, and the power cable and signal cable are well connected.

2. The cabinet of the indoor full color LED screen is blurred or no bright in blocks.
Solution: Please check the flat cable of the led module to see if cables are well connected..

3. The picture is not clear when seeing near the indoor LED screen.
Solution: The indoor LED screen has big pixel pitch,suitable for viewing in intermediate and long distance,so it is normal to see unclearly when standing near the screen.

4. The picture of the cabinet is in a wrong order
Solution: The signal cable between the cabinet is connected incorrectly.

5. Some individual LED lamps are extinguished
Solution: Please replace these faulty LEDs by professionals.