How to do the Maintenance of LED Screen?

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Use LED screen correctly is very important for the lifespan of the LED screen and normal work. Daily maintenance of  display must be finished carefully.

1. Please read the Installation and Operation Instruction.

2. Moving screen in gentle, no collision and strike.

3. Check the cabinet if there's any loose screw before using.

4. Please confirm the steel frame or rings are kept in place firmly before installation, for the screen having been installed for long time, the situation of the joining and hanging part should be checked regularly. If loose part is found, adjust it timely, reinforce or change hanging parts in time.

5. Keep the cabinet frame structure away from oil, acid and other corrosive substance.

6. Pay attention to the anti-static work of the screen, do not touch the LED face directly by hand, wearing gloves for the installation and debugging of the screen is suggested.

7. Null line and live wire of the computer and control system can't be connected reversely; it should be connected strictly according to the original position.

8. If the power switch trips happened frequently, please check the screen or replace the power supply switch.

9. Please open the PC first, then the LED screen; After using the display, first, turn off the LED screen, then shut off PC (If shut off PC first, high bright spot will appear, then lamp will be burnt, leading serious consequences).

10. If there is short circuit, switch trip, wire burning, smoke and other abnormal phenomenon after removing, please don't repeat electricity test, and check the problem timely.

11. The proper way to remove a power supply: turn the cabinet back up and keep the connector upward; loosen the screws on aluminum cooling board and lift up horizontally to 30 ~ 40mm (meanwhile observing the power supply interior), overturn to right slowly (Attention to prevent radiator’s fan crashing other component), then start checking and repairing.

12. Master the installation method, the original data recovery, backup, and controlling parameter setting, basic data preset modification.

13. Inspect virus regularly, and remove irrelevant data.

14. No professional person, no operating the software system.

15. Please do not perform in the storm and strong wind;

16. Dismantle LED screen after the events, please clean the water stains and dust on the two sides of the cabinet before putting into the flight case, which must be kept clean and dry, at the same time, too much friction should be avoided between cabinet and inner part of the flight case.

17. Please pay attention to protect the lamps on the four sides of cabinet from damage,during installation& disassembly.