"LED Advertising Sign" of SMART CITY series 
- A New Intelligent Information Transmission Equipment 

It is composed a complete advertising display system by the terminal software control system,
network information transmission and multimedia terminal display.
And it can advertise by image, text, video and other multimedia content.

Elegant Design : Exquisite workmanship, fastidious material, brief and concise,
so it can match different environment and suit for upscale place.
Brightness :

Ensuring high brightness and clear image even under strong sunshine.Built-in photosensitive control system can realize automatic adjustment according to natural light changes,make the screen more environment friendly and watched comfortable.

Multi-Function : It can not only display advertising information, support video, table, words and other form files,
also can display traffic direction information.
Flexible Display
Control Management:
Content can be set to permanent display, also can display specified date,time and priority flexibly. A variety of different period of content will be preserved in the terminal as the form of a stored program. The terminal will display content automatically as scheduled ,and can realize the program inter-cut, backup and other functions easily.
Temperature Control : 
This system can regulate the internal temperature and humidity of equipment,
to ensure the normal operation and life span of the equipment in the -30—60°working environment.
High Level IP Grade :  Reaching high level IP65 grade,
can adapt to a variety of indoor and outdoor environment, dust-proof, water-proof, lightning-proof etc.