"SIXI" Series LED display

- Same Dimension, Quickly Disassembly & Assembly

This series adopts the 244*244mm common-used module which is independent researched and developed by YESTECH.

It has the characteristics of same dimension, high evenness, quickly disassembly and assembly, etc.

It is compatible with 4 pixel pitch LED screen, including P5, P6, P7.62, P10.


The same dimension: 244×244mm module can be commonly used in various pixel pitch products
Perfect evenness:

732×732mm standard cabinets only need 9 pcs modules, realizing seamless splicing

Quickly disassembly & assembly:

Compared with routine modules, SIXI series cost less time. For its standard unit (732×732mm) just 9 pcs moudles need to disassemble or assemble
Unit standardization: It's same as between the cover size and bottom shell of module to meet the mass production of cabinets;functions easily
Quick update: Change the module to update the product to meet different requirements in different place