Common Indoor LED Display

This series has the characteristics of high-contrast, high gray scale, easy maintenance, 
wide viewing angle, etc. It contains P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P6.25, P7.62, P7.8, P10 
and more, can meet the requirements of various situation or environment.


Handpick Famous Brand Raw Material

1. LED:adopting famous brand’s LED which makes it with wide viewing angle, high brightness, low light failure, strong heat dissipation and bright color;
2. Driver IC:adopting MBI, SUM and other brand which avoid problems like dark light and virtual light;
3. Power Supply:reserve 20% flat space for the power supply while working under the maximum power capacity, the range of Voltage fluctuation is less than 5%, high stability;
4. Connector:specially use the aerial grade brands which ensures the stable transmission of both power and signal;
5. PCB Board:adopting FR-4 A1 CCL., use 4-layer design.



Excellent Display
1. High-contrast:adopting the new anti-glare front mask, realizing high contrast;
2. High Gray Display:adopting 16bit gray scale processing technology to restore the natural image. Using S-PWM driving technology to improve gray grade, meet the 16bits high gray display requirements under low brightness;
3. Point by Point Calibration:adopting the point by point brightness and chrominance calibration technology, to ensure the uniformity of led screen's brightness and color.



Variety and Convenience
1. Various Installationcabinet assembly or magnetic installation;
2.Easy maintenancefront, back and single point maintenance are optional according to the installation site requirements.


High contrast front mask


Module suite   

Magnetic module