Led Mirror Poster


Ultra-slim and Light-weight,Installation-Friendly

Led Mirror Poster has been engineered with latest technologies to give it a smoother, 
slimmer profile. It’s crafted in beautiful anodized lightweight yet durable aluminum, 
to make the entire poster frame weight less than 35kg, 
making it more portable and easier to install. 


Plug-N-Play,Zero Configuration

Enjoy the privilege of watching or screening your own video, 
audio or pictures playlists anytime, anywhere with Led Mirror Poster. 
Update your digital content in our powerful built-in media player via WiFi or USB. 
Easy-to-follow on-screen menu makes it absolutely simple to schedule your content 
and no complicated configuration is needed whatsoever!


Front Seriveability,Snapy and Easy

You'll love the speedy convenience of doing servicing and panel module replacements from the front with just a handle magnet. 
Thanks to the patented cableless technology in connecting the modules. 
Yet another advantage, exclusive to your Led Mirror Poster.

Smart Module,Smooth Operation

The futuristic Smart Module ingeniously incorporated into each poster's system is its powerhouse. 
Engineered around a high-performance Internet Cyclone IV FGPA capable of parallel processing,
 and deeper integration with MCU management tools enables the display module to be self-contained in communication and management. 
Together they form the core of Smart Module and deliver powerful video processing platforms, 
ensuring all operations converge, thereby ensuring seamless connections 
like screen monitoring operations and auto-detect work continuously.

Intelligent Management,APP Stay in Control

It’s pre-integrated software enables you to connect to it with a PC or Android devices from a single location via RJ45, WiFi, 3G, USB and HDMI. 
That makes it extremely easy to identify your display and manage settings like brightness and contrast. 
Play your content directly from your device be it a laptop, tablet or smart phone. 
Perform centralized video control and management via internet. 
Your efficiency is increased becasue you can cast your video remotely without 
the need to have an on-site controlling device or PC. 
administer and monitor your video from the comfort of your office.