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With Magic Level Principle(click to know more), MG7S P3.9 Pro is coming!

 6 advantages  


multi-use and various shapes

1. Greatly Increased Anti-pressure and Anti-collision 

The MG7S P3.9 PRO has added special process design, increased lamp thrust, 

anti-collision increased by 30-50%, greatly reduce the damage during use. 
Single cabinet tensile test can reach 1.6 tons, combine with upgraded connectors, lifting height can reach 15m. 
Its safety bearing capacity can reach up to 800kg/0.03㎡
For dance floor use, it can bear 3 tons car (actual measurement). 

2. More uniform heat dissipation

The heat dissipation system is overall optimized and upgraded. 

By using heat conduction balance system, 

the heat of each working IC and leds can be released effectively and evenly, 

less heat absorption and faster heat dissipation, effectively solve heat balance problem,

 module and IC temperature can decrease 3-4℃, better than metal cabinet. 

Enhance display effect and extend life span.

       NO Heat Conduction Balance System            vs          WITH Heat Conduction Balance System

3. Indoor and outdoor dual-use

MG7S P3.9 Pro adopts customized 1516 full black leds, the contrast ratio can reach as high as 6000:1, 

RGB response range is wide, and the brightness can be adjusted between 800nit to 4500nit, 

gray scan remains, color equalized, outstanding display performance.

Pixel density up to 65536 dots/m², comfortable viewing distance 6.63m,

 perfectly meet all requirements for indoor and outdoor use. 

The IP rate is IP65.

4. Outstanding exquisite graphics 

Adopting 1516 full black LEDs and high refresh & gray IC, 

matching with high quality control technology, 

realizing HDR display and stronger expressiveness of rich color. 

The image is smooth and stable, no screen flickering sense, 

effectively solve problem of scanning line, signal delay, etc.

Comparison of LED screen showing effect

5. Easy and Fast Maintenance

MG7S P3.9 Pro adopts upgraded full modularization design.

 The cabinet consists of three independent parts: module, driver, and power supply.

 Changing cabinet equal to change module. Simpler and faster for disassembling and assembling in the event.

With real wireless design inside of the cabinet, it is more stable for the transmission of signal and power, 

easier and quicker for maintenance.

6. Creative shapes 

The unique design of cabinet structure and connector to realize creative connection, 

such as up and down, right and left, front and back dislocation, to present creative shapes such as inner and outer curve,

S shape etc.,combine with MG11/MG12/MG13 it can realize circle, letters, numbers, Chinese characters etc., 

which bring you more attractive design and creative value.