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GM Fine Pixel Pitch/Mini Series

Pixel Pitch: 0.9/1.25/1.5/1.8mm

Cabinet Size: 600*337.5mm

Operating Environment: Indoor

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  • GM Fine Pixel Pitch/Mini Series

    GM Fine Pixel Pitch/Mini Series
  • Point-to-Point Restore

    Using high-refresh rate&high-gray IC, and self-refreshing circuit, the edge of image is clearer, more smooth and delicate when displaying dynamic picture.

    Standard 16:9 ratio design and point-to-point display restore the real content maximumly.

    Point-to-Point Restore
  • Wide Viewing Angle

    With an ultra-wide viewing angle of 160°, the viewer can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience from all angles of the screen. 

    Within the range of viewing angles, no color patches appear, and the image is uniform.

    Wide Viewing Angle
  • High Stability and Reliability

    The interior of the cabinet adopts the wireless connection design, which can greatly reduce the screen failure rate and improve the stability.

    With dual power supplier backup, the cabinet can still operate normally under a certain power failure.

  • Seamless Splicing with Excellent Image Quality

    The cabinet can be connected in any direction and in any size. 

    Compared with the rear projection and LCD splicing, there will be no brightness difference between the units or black stitching, realizing seamless splicing.

    By using the Mask processing technology to realize the high contrast ratio, which ensures a clearer display for dynamic image, 

    It can presents a perfect visual effect and viewing experience.

    Seamless Splicing with Excellent Image Quality
  • Low Space Cost

    Cabinet is light and thin, and it is suitable for embedding on the existing wall without changing the building structure.

    Small maintenance space, the maximum is 0.8m, saving installation and maintenance space.

    Low Space Cost
Product NameSMD P0.9SMD P1.25SMD P1.56SMD P1.875
Operating EnvironmentIndoorIndoorIndoorIndoor
LED Encapsulation////
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.93751.251.56251.875
Module Size (mm)150*168.75150*168.75150*168.75150*168.75
Cabinet Size (mm)600*337.5600*337.5600*337.5600*337.5
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)640*360480*270384*216320*180
Weight (kg/cabinet)
White Balance Brightness (nit)550-600550-600550-600550-600
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle140/140140/140140/140140/140
Power Consumption(W/)600/200500/165500/165450/150
Refresh Rate(Hz)≥1920 (1920,2880,3840...)
Control SystemNovaNovaNovaNova

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