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Coolest “Designer” of Boxing Forum’s Stage

At the gymnasium of Yekaterinburg, Russia, held professional boxing match every year, but the stage design of Global Boxing Forum 2019 made people find everything fresh and new. “Triangle folding surface” LED creative design, perfectly integrated technology feeling into the mechanical structure. Magically, it can be put together to form a cube by hanging, became the biggest highlight on the scene. Its “designer” is magic stage series of YESTECH.

Industry city--Yekaterinburg, also is a sport city. Boxing is always popular in Russian martial tradition.

Four “Triangle folding surface” LED screen design is knockout at the stage of Global Boxing Forum 2019.

They are composed of 8 isosceles triangle screens, every one is standard product that can be used independently or in combination. Scientific structure design is safe enough and easy to install.

Unique and novel stage design is perfect show of sound and lighting. In the choice of display screen, designers is considered for a long time about the lightweight screen, safety structure design, creative shape, and the value of repeated use.

The structure advantage of “triangle folding surface” LED screen from magic stage series, offered multiple viewing angles to audiences in different viewing area. Even if for the people sitting at the back, they can watch clear image easily.

Four “triangle folding surface” LED display, moving down slowly on the air with shining lighting, with performers pushed the program to a climax when all screens converges into a cube.

“Designer”—magic stage series from YES TECH can do more, with creative extension series MG11, MG12, and MG13 to achieve unique shapes such as numbers, letters, round...Make your stage more attractive and rich your imagination to create more value.

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