MG7S Series

Multi-functions & Creative Shapes

Pixel pitch:3.9/4.8mm

Cabinet size: 500*500*73mm

Operating environment: Indoor & Outdoor

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Cover 100% of LED Rental Application

· Wide application, Low investment.

· Indoor & outdoor screen, dance floor (regular & interactive), stadium screen, ceiling screen...

Indoor & Outdoor Dual-use

Customized full black LEDs and high gray&refresh IC. The brightness can be adjusted between 800nits to 4500nits.

Dance Floor

· Matched with exclusive dance floor mask, it can be used as dance floor with maximum bearing capacity of 4.6 tons.

· Interactive dance floor - Equipped the self-contained induction system (optional).

Stadium Screen

Excellent stability,high refresh, high brightness and contrast, ensuring clear and smooth visuals during outdoor sports events.

Ceiling Screen

The cabinet is light and thin, single cabinet is only 73mm thick and weighs 6kg. It is easy to install on the ceiling.

Limitless Creativity

Creativity makes value, achieve various shapes such as numbers, letters, round..

MG7S Combined with MG11/MG12/MG13/MG14/MG15>>

Multi-hole Design
Arc-shaped Splicing
Strong Tensile Force

Tensile force of cabinet reaches 1.6t. Hanging height 10m.

Stable & Reliable

Adopting the linear secondary adhesive force workmanship and full-point reinforcement, the LEDs’ thrust increased by 100% which can effectively reduce the collision and loss of LEDs in the process of disassembly and assembly and extend the lifespan of the lamp beads to ensure stable and reliable operation.

High-Quality Visual Effects

Customized 1516 lamps of high quality, it has excellent brightness and bright colors, showing wonderful visual effects in all kinds of rental events. 3840HZ high refresh rate to ensure stable and smooth output. 

Uniform Heat Dissipation

Triple dissipation function, temperature on modules and IC can be decreased by 3-4℃.

Easy & Fast Maintenance

Modular design, upgraded connection hardware, safer and more reliable.

Application Scenarios

Indoor and outdoor concert, award ceremony meeting, sports event.etc.


Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.9 3.9 4.8 4.8
Operating Environment Indoor&Outdoor Indoor&Outdoor Indoor&Outdoor Indoor&Outdoor
Module Size (mm) 250*250 250*250 250*250 250*250
Cabinet Size (mm) 500*500*73 500*500*73 500*500*73 500*500*73
Cabinet Resolution (W×H) 128*128 128*128 104*104 104*104
IP Grade Front IP65 Rear IP54 Front IP65 Rear IP54 Front IP65 Rear IP54 Front IP65 Rear IP54
Weight (kg/cabinet) 6 5.9 5.8 5.8
White Balance Brightness (nit) 5500-6000 4000-4200 5500-6000 4000-4200
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle 165/165 160/160 160/160 160/160
Power Consumption(W/㎡) 750±15%/280±15% 550±15%/180±15% 650±15%/210±15% 550±15%/210±15%
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840
Control System Nova Nova Nova Nova


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