Msign Series

Born to be landmark

Pixel Pitch: 4/5/6.6/8/10mm

Cabinet Size: 960*960/960*480/1280*480/640*960/1600*480mm

Operating Environment: Outdoor

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Born to be landmark

Fast installation and maintenance, high compatibility, working in severe environment, smart module.

Partition Design

Full front maintenance, front and rear dual maintenance. Partition design on control box, which realize the partition maintenance, find failure quickly, simplify maintenance steps.​ The control box and the wire box are independent of each other, independent open-close.

High Compatibility

6 different cabinet sizes available.(960*960/ 960*480/1280*960/1280*480/640*960/1600*480mm) 

Shared cabinet frame, upgrade pixel pitch freely, save the purchase cost.

One Type for All

​8-hole connection plate support front and rear installation; ​compatible with 5050 and 4040 steel frame, one type for all, and makes construction more worry-free.

  • Dual Heat Dissipation

    Ingenious design of the power supply location makes the power supply located in the middle of the back cover and the led module to prevent the conduction of external heat to the power supply when sunlight shoots directly on screen.

    Heat dissipation system

    Performance of aluminum material + cabinet ventilation structure design + module heat conduction balance system.

Cabinet Design

Connection cables are hidden in structure, which effectively prevent the cables from aging. 6 independent buckle design on module, twist and “click” voice reminder, fast assembly; ​ergonomic big handle design, more comfortable grip.

High-Brightness, High-Refresh and High-Contrast

Brightness can be adjusted automatically; high-refresh and high-contrast (can provide higher edge mask), no fear of strong light application, clear and bright outdoor display.

Independent Waterproof Design

Cabinet waterproof reach IP65 in front, IP54 in rear (IP65 for option), module and control box are both independent waterproof design. Working in all-weather, barrier-free for installation and maintenance on rainy days. Working in a severe environment -40℃ to 55℃.

Customized Curved Corner Cabinet

·Seamless Corner

It can quickly complete the splicing of large curved screens, realize perfect curved seamless corner naked-eye 3D large screens, and meet more scene applications.

·More Scene Applications

Meanwhile, it can also realize cylindrical screens with a minimum diameter of 0.84 meters, meet more scene applications.

Stable and Reliable

·Power and Signal Backup

Power and signal backup makes screen has multiple guarantees when using, stable and reliable working are ensured.

·Smart Module, Smart Monitoring

Detection of temperature, voltage, fault, lamps, positioning fast of fault and quick feedback all can be achieved with functions of module memory plus automatic detection.

Application Scenarios

Shopping mall, commercial plaza, railway station, airport, bus station, subway, pedestrian street, leisure wharf, exhibition hall, stadium, etc.


Pixel Pitch (mm) 4 5 6.6 8 10
Operating Environment Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
Module Size (mm) 320*480 320*480 320*480 320*480 320*480
Cabinet Size (mm) 960×960(960×480/1280×960/1280×480/640×960/1600×480)
Cabinet Resolution (W×H) 240×240(240×120/320×240/
IP Grade IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Weight (kg/cabinet) 30/30/35 30/30/35 30/30/35 30/30/35 30/30/30
White Balance Brightness (nit) 5500-6000 6000-6500 6000-6500 6000-6500 6000-6500
Horizontal / Vertical Viewing Angle 170/100 165/95 165/85 165/85 165/100
Power Consumption(W/㎡) 690±15%/230±15% 720±15%/240±15% 670±15%/225±15% 670±15%/225±15g0 670±15%/225±15%
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840
Control System Nova Nova Nova Nova Nova

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