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Practical Booth Design to Show Truest Product Status!

On February 11th, ISE was grandly held at the RAI Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The design style of each booth was unique and gorgeous. However, YES TECH still keeps the simplest design style. It is simple and real, but more creativity and practical. This is the idea we insist all the time, and we do our best to present the most authentic product applications to customers and friends.


The hanging giant guitar is particularly eye-catching at the show. This is a creative product created by YES TECH. It is 7.75 meters high and 3 meters wide, which is composed of seventy-four MG6S P2.84 Pro cabinets, four MG13 cabinets, twenty MG14 cabinets, and thirty MG15 cabinets. It is a "big collection" of Magic Stage Series and Creative Extension Series, show "multi-functions and creative" perfectly. 

Different products play different roles: MG6S P2.84 Pro is more suitable for indoor rental, which can reach 18bit gray scale output and display clearer image. Tensile test of the single cabinet is up to 1.6 tons, which can fully meet thehanging application. The Creative Extension Series-MG13, MG14, and MG15 have realized the outline of the guitar, making the guitar more exquisite. 


The display materials and effects are also a highlight of this exhibition. The material for the "giant guitar" is tailored by the designer. The material processing of the guitar's head, neck, body, strings, and other parts are all "sophisticated", which is very realistic and dazzling from the distance. 

This year, YES TECH bring the "new members" ——Magic Stage Series MG6S P1.9 Pro and DS Stage Rental Series at ISE. These "new members" arouse strong attention from the international media and interviewed our international sales engineers on the spot.


The "new member", the MG6S P1.9 Pro adopts customized four-in-one LEDs,the single LED can reach 60-70N thrust,which has great display consistency and stronger anti-collision ability,solved the collision problem for high resolution rental product;It is a rental small pixel-pitch product supports fast maintenance on the spot,It can be used not only in conference rooms, hotels and other high-end occasions, but also the projects of fixed installation.

DS Stage Rental Series adopts five-layer protection design to effectively protect the module from damage; modularization design supports full front/rear maintenance; module with honeycomb design has higher structural strength; patented control box locking mechanism realized faster fault handling; optional patented high-precision arc lock only need two steps to achieve seamless box assembly; two specifications of 500*500 and 500*1000 are available, which can realize two sizes cabinet splicing and up and down dislocation. The cabinet realize the core advantages—stable and speedy!


The display materials of the big screen and other screens, every one with its own characteristics, are rich and colorful, like a visual feast.

ISE is opening, YES TECH invites you to visit now!


Integrated Systems Europe 2020

Stand 8-G200

February 11-14

RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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