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2020 Taça de Portugal Final

The 2020 Taça de Portugal Final decided the winner of the 80th season of the Taça de Portugal.  It was played at the Estádio Cidade de Coimbra in Coimbra, between Benfica and Porto.


YES TECH MG7S P3.9 Pro and MG5 P5.9 outdoor led screen were installed at the one side of stadium, with a total area of 285 sqm. The content of led screen can be changed at any time to support the game. It displayed the team name and real-time score, as well as being colorful background for taking photos and videos.



MG7S series for outdoor rental, with high-refresh&brightness&contrast IC and excellent control technology, keep image stable and real. It meets the needs of action shot at the stadium and avoid flicker. When playing the high-speed motion picture, the display will be clearer and more delicate, without dragging and so on.



The optical fiber transmission system can effectively reduce the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance and ensure the consistency of the display content. Because of its  characteristics of high-brush&brightness&contrast, when used in outdoor sports venues, it still has a clear picture under direct sunlight. It is stable and reliable for outdoor applications due to IP65 protection level.



YES TECH stadium LED screen solutions can achieve real-time score display, player information, high-definition slow-motion playback, on-site highlights, and other video playing requirements. It is widely used in sports venues such as football fields, basketball halls, and swimming center etc.

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