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What should be paid attention before opening an LED display?

The installation instructions before you open the switch:
1 . LED Screen should only be operated by trained professionals. 
2. Do not expose any part of the LED screen to naked flame/smoke. 
3. Personnel operating the LED screen are advised to wear a safety helmet during operation. 
4. Check all the AC power is connected before turning on the switch. 
5. Turn off all switches of the led board, computer terminals, system box and monitors before performing any maintenance work. 
6. Do not touch the power supply when the switch is turned on. 
7. Turn off all switches including LED board, computer terminal, system box and monitor before connecting any cables. 
8. Wear Anti-static ring before replacing any electronic components. 
9. Do not hot plug any cables connected to computer terminals while the power is running. Ensure that all power is disconnected before unplugging any cable from the ports especially the serial line ports. 
10. Avoid the cabinet working under the conditions of high organic solvent detergent (such as kerosene,rust-proof oil,etc). 
11. Special caution:Appropriate temperature and humidity is required for the LED screen, otherwise it will damage the LED screen seriously. 
12. Making sure the LED screen should be properly grounded before working. 
13. LED screen grounding resistance must be less than 4Ω.

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