MG Indoor Series
for High-end Rental and Fixing Installation Occasions

MG is short for Magic Stage.
Magic Stage series is the first LED display with multi-use & various shapes in the industry. 
MG Indoor Series is for high-end rental and high-end fixing installation occasions, 
it can be used as a common indoor screen, a sky curtain, a showcase screen and a variety of creative screens. 

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Magic Stage series has built ten thousands of cases around the world, such as London Olympic Games, 
Brazil World Cup, Inchon Asia Olympic Games, Expo Milan, etc. It covers a wide range of pixel pitch from 2.84mm to 15.6mm.
MG Indoor Series contains: 2.84, 3.125, 3.9, 4.4, 4.8, 5.2, 5.9, 6.25, 6.9, 7.8, 10.4.

MG6 P2.84 and MG6 P3.9 are highly favored by customers in MG Indoor Series. 

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Time and Effort Saving

Polymer Nano material cabinet, only 5.9kg with 73mm thickness, 
easy to hand and install, saving time and effort.

Simple installation, Fast and efficient maintenance

1s: MG Indoor Series, just one pressing of the button and pushing to remove the back cover, fast and convenient. 
10s: Single person can feel free to finish installation and disassemble for the two connected cabinets by hand. 
50s: One cabinet can be replaced in 50 seconds without affecting the whole screen showing by one person. 

Used as a Common Indoor Screen
Magic stage indoor series adopts exclusive customized lamps, stable performance, excellent visual effect. 
Using A8S receiver card, together with high gray and refresh IC, 
can achieve 18bit + gray scale, rotation at any Angle, display more delicate, real and interesting.

Used as a Sky Curtain
With the unique structure design, Magic Stage is light and thin, safe and reliable. 
The weight of MG Indoor Series is about 5.9kg, the thickness is 73mm. 
It has low requirement on the steel structure which more safer for using as a sky curtain. 

Magic Stage is with easy operation and fast installation.
It equipped with hanging beam when using for haning, and the safety hanging height can reach up to 10 meters. 

Used as a Showcase Screen
Magic Stage have excellent effect, clear and delicate picture and rich color, simple installation, fast and efficient maintenance, 
it is a good choice for advertisement and showcase screen. 

Used as Curved Screens 
With unique multi holes design, together with easy operating ±15°curved connectors, 
Magic Stage can be easily used as a curved screen, including inner and outer curve, S-shape, and circle. 

Used as a Variety of Creative Screens
Except the curved screens, the unique multi holes design also helps Magic Stage 
to easily realize vertical, horizontal, front and back dislocation installation. 

Using together with the Magic Stage Creative Extension Series which contains 
Right-angle (MG11), Triangle (MG12) and Sector (MG13) LED display, 
it can realize a variety of creative screens that you can imagine, such as, 
numbers from 0 to 9, letters from A to Z, square column, Christmas three, diamond, windmill, flower, heart, etc. 

Continuous Upgrading and Optimizing
Continuous upgrading and optimizing, Magic Stage shows its increasingly high value

Patents & Certifications
By the end of 2017, Magic Stage has received 80 licensed patents, a number of honor awards 
and international certifications, such as CE, ETL, FCC, CCC, ROHS, etc.

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