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How to do the singal and power cable connection?

Adopting Cat 5 cable (signal cable) (picture 1) and power cable (picture 2) to connect each cabinets. The full color screen use two types of different length network cable: the signal transmit between the first cabinet of the screen and the sending card end(PC,video processor,etc) use the long network cable; the signal transmit between cabinet and cabinet use short network cable. 

Picture 1 Cat 5 Cable (Signal cable)      

Picture 2 Power cable 

The connect ways of right-angle cabinet and corner one is the same. One cabinet be connected by 2 network cables, one port input and one port output, the input signal of the cabinet comes from the last cabinet output signal, the output signal of the cabinet connect next cabinet input signal, this connection way is as same as power cable. But should pay attention that one port of the male connector of power cable is gray, the another port is blue, the connection way of male and female connector is: male connector (gray ) - female connector(gray), male connector(blue) - female connector(blue).

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