YES TECH’s ISE 2024 Trip Concluded Successfully


In the heart of Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía, from January 30 to February 2, 2024, YES TECH proudly showcased its cutting-edge LED display solutions at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition. Our booth, 3B550, emerged as a hub of innovation, capturing attention with the debut of our MG9, MU, and MT series, along with groundbreaking solutions for stage productions, conferences, sports events, and more.

ISE 2024 wasn't merely a platform for showcasing products; it was a testament to our relentless innovation and growth in the field of LED displays.1_1706871644.jpg


Unique Ribbon Design: MG9+ MG11 Series

Stepping inside, lots of people were wowed by the "ribbon" design in the center of our booth with an incredible "floating" visualization from the ground to the air. This captivating display was from our latest products, the MG9, and MG11with creative shapes.2_1706871644.jpg

MG9 Series

As an upgraded version of our YES TECH’s MG7S, the MG9 also had the original "Multi-functions & Multi-shapes" for indoor and outdoor use. Compared with MG7S, we enhanced its structure and LED’s thrust to make it bear more weight and extend its lifespan. Thanks to it can be curved and floor tiles, forming the perfect curve for the lively "ribbon". Some visitors stood on it to take photos, fully experiencing its powerful performance.


The MG9 can cover 100% LED rental applications for stage and sports events. Whether it is a stage performance, sports competition, or other event, venues can rely on it to show exciting content and bring shock and enjoyment to the audience.


MG11 belongs to our YES TECH’s MG Creative-Extended Series rental LED display solution. The MG11 series could be easily stacked, allowing for the creation of stair screens or octagonal displays, a feature that particularly appealed to stage designers and event organizers looking for creative and dynamic visual solutions.


New Launch ---- MU Series

Behind the ribbon design, there was our new product MU series in the middle of the displaying area. MU series is a new addition to our rental portfolio, designed specifically for fast large-screen applications. It comes with two cabinet sizes of 500*500 and 500*1000mm.


Our MU Series, nurtured an inborn high universality with platform design, modules with different pixel pitches can be used in one frame within the same series. It was also seamlessly compatible with our MG9 and MG creative-extended series.


Universal Transparent Screen---- MT Series

The MT transparent screen impressively showcased its precise 90° right-angle splicing design to visitors. It easily adjusts with ±10° inner and outer arcs using a high-precision arc lock. Featuring a high refresh rate, brightness, and over 50% transparency, the MT screen delivers exceptional visual quality for indoor and outdoor settings. Plus, it supports front and back maintenance with a magnetic design for added flexibility.



MG6S Cube + MG6S P1.9

There was also our classic series MG6S P1.9 & MG6S Cube 1.9 created the L-shaped screen. To deliver this creation, our MG6S Cube could quickly complete a 90° right angle to convey this creative shape. The MG6S P1.9 uses a custom 4-in-1 LED and superior control system, adopting HDR technology that can reach 18-bit + gray-scale visuals ensuring remarkable clarity and color accuracy, perfect for high-end indoor conferences, meetings, and hotels, where its durability and ease of maintenance are equally impressive.


For Fixed Installation

Visitors were also impressed with our Mnano II series, which provided a vivid image with its consistent ink color, and felt its cool screen of energy-efficient technology. Additionally, we unveiled the Mview P3.3 series, a small pixel pitch for better visual clarity and exceptional brightness for large outdoor advertisements.



Our presence at ISE 2024 marked a pivotal moment for YES TECH, reaffirming our effort for the LED display industry. From our latest innovations like the MG9 and versatile MU series to the enduring classics like the MG6S Series, and the fixed installation with Mnano II Series, and Mview 3.3, this event showcased our commitment to innovate and develop in the LED displays. In the future, we will deliver more cutting-edge solutions and high quality that meet the evolving needs of our customers and industry standards.

YES TECH will also be present at ISLE 2024.

Booth NO.: Hall 8-C01 from Feb. 29th to Mar. 2nd

Shenzhen Word Exhibition & Convention Center

See you there!

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