The MIR 2024 Wraps Up with Success


The MIR 2024 (Music Inside Rimini), held from April 7th to 9th, was concluded successfully. MIR is the unique Italian expo dedicated to audio, video, lighting and control technologies and services for corporate, education, retail, museums, hospitality and live events.YES TECH, along with our esteemed partner Audio Effetti, offered a visual spectacle. A standout attraction was the captivating LED “Ribbon” created using the MG9 and MG11 display series. The Ribbon, with its fluid lines, vibrant colors, and futuristic visuals, wowed audiences as it seemed to effortlessly flow from floor to sky.1_1712644476.jpg

The seamless integration of multiple displays created visually stunning arcs that eliminated the abruptness typically associated with traditional right-angle stages, enhancing more fluency. This innovative design not only provided wonderful 3D naked-eye visuals but also drew viewers in for a closer inspection of the product's visual allure. The LED “ribbon” also made a splash at the ISE 2024 and continues to impress.


The MG9 series, with its improved structural design and a fivefold increase in anti-fatigue performance, offered unparalleled versatility for rental applications. It boasts a higher load-bearing capacity and durability, making it ideal for various indoor and outdoor events. The MG11 series, part of the MG Creative-Extended, allows for the creation of stair screens and octagonal displays, adding a creative twist to the stage.3_1712644476.png

Furthermore, the MT transparent screen added another layer of innovation to the exhibition. At just 7.5 kg and 83 mm in depth, the MT offers more than 50% transparency, delivering vibrant and captivating images, which serve as an entice to the immersive experience awaiting visitors inside. People in the demo area experience more functions. Equipped with high-precision arc locks, the MT transparent screen offered unprecedented flexibility, enabling ±10° inner and outer arcs and expanding its applicability to a wide range of shapes and environments. 

4_1712644484.jpgWe also had our classic MG7S features “multi-functions & multi-shapes” to cover 100% outdoor rental applications and MG6S for indoor events.The MU Series for fast installation of large screens too. All about bringing you a wonderful visual experience. 5_1712644867.jpg

Looking back on MIR 2024, the show showcased YES TECH’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the LED industry. As we move forward, YES TECH is poised to deliver better products and services.

Next station, we’re excited to showcase our offerings at the NAB Show 2024:

From April 14-17

VIP Code: NS6232 Booth No.: C2634

Las Vegas Convention Center

See you there!



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