Explore the Cutting-edge Display Technology of the Dazzling Main Stage at MSG Sphere


This year, there are so many concerts being held, the most popular of which was the U2's tour show at the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, which instantly became the spotlight of the whole entertainment industry on the opening day. People added: “The visual effect is so awesome that I feel like I am in outer space. The unique MSG Sphere has many details inside, especially the creative main stage.”


Unlike most stages, each space inside the Sphere is designed to bring you to a wonderful visual world. Directly above the stage is a wraparound LED screen with 16K resolution, the largest and highest resolution LED screen in the world. You can immerse yourself in a VR experience without wearing glasses.

The main stage created by YES TECH perfectly matched the world’s largest screen with its personalized stacked design, which takes the shape of a “record player” to light up the passion.


The main stage consists of an upper 10-meter diameter circular screen and a lower 14mx14m square screen, seamlessly integrated to create a unified stage. Helping to create an immersive experience for the venue and contribute to the technological prowess for the U2 band show. This is the first customized stacked stage screen project in the industry, and it was as highly anticipated as the MSG Sphere.


The key part of the "record player" stage is the circular screen which was formed by 268 regular cabinets, 32 creative screens of MG15 series and 56 multi-shaped screens. The regular cabinets were the star product MG7S Series, features “Multi-functions & Multi-shapes”, which has more than 30 patented technology and showed in tens of thousands of stages through the years.

To ensure the perfect curvature of the circular stage, the multi-shaped screens used in the project were all custom-made. Considering the short 3 months delivery time and the cost of time and material resources, YES TECH set up a special team immediately after receiving the task, which worked on the electronic, structural, process, production, pre-sales, after-sales, respectively.


For the shaped screen of the circular stage, PCB, creative floor tile truss and other 350 drawings, especially designed MG floor tile truss were made in order to be with the display screen for easy and fast assembly. Through continuous tests and adjustment, the screen is fixed in a uniform way to ensure the positioning of floor tile brackets, the accuracy of the regular cabinet connections, and the flatness of cabinet assembly. More importantly, the stability and reliability of the screen is at its best when people are standing on stage.


In terms of production, creative screens necessitated 159 operations for dispensing, silk-screen printing, and surface mounting. Each direction of the display screen required independent programming, totaling 159 programming tasks. The creative screen adopts its own inkjet process to ensure consistency of ink color when the screen is black, and long-term consistent performance of ink color. Through countless pre-pairing and optimization, it finally realized the display consistency between 88 shaped screens and 268 regular screens, as well as the same effect of the lower square three-dimensional screen, thus presenting a beautiful stage.


YES TECH has launched 6 creative-extended products, namely MG11-MG16, which can be spliced with the MG regular cabinets that allows for various creative shapes, such as circle, numbers, letters and so on.Taking advantage of the versatility and adaptability of the MG Series, YES TECH has showcased in numerous stages and has won a place in the stage rental area.  

The MG Series not only shines in large-scale concerts, music festivals and other  events, but also presents extraordinary visual effects for sports competitions, theme parks and other occasions. Its high-quality display effect and flexibility are well recognized by customers.

The main stage LED display of the MSG Sphere has led a new trend in the entertainment industry.  Its innovative technology and visual effect are highly praised. Let's look forward to more surprises in the future!

Special Support by Fuse Technical Group

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