YES TECH: What a Highlight at SLS Expo 2024!



The SLS Expo 2024, held from May 7-9 at the Riyadh Front Exhibition and Conference Centre, provided a dynamic platform for attendees to delve into the latest advancements and products in the AV and live event industry. YES TECH seized the opportunity to showcase our high-quality LED displays and innovative solutions, adding to the lively exchange of ideas and innovations at this esteemed event.


Main Aisle Glow

Before entering the exhibition hall, visitors were greeted by the striking presence of classic MG7S LED walls adorning both sides of the aisle. These walls, meticulously formed and curved, perfectly complemented the vibrant colors and futuristic ambiance of the event. With their vivid blue hues, they set an immersive visual experience for attendees walking in. Our MG7S is known for its “multi-functions & multi-shapes”, enabling seamless ±10° curved screen splicing for more creations. This feature added a dynamic dimension to the visual experience at the expo, which created an unforgettable entrance for visitors. Now we have upgraded it to 9th generation--MG9 with enhanced capabilities as dance floor.


MG9 Series: The Epitome of Focus

The real highlight of our iconic stage was the unveiling of the MG9 Series, which was applied as the dance floor there, marking a revolution in performance. At the heart of this revolution lies TET technology, which strengthens the bond between LEDs and circuit boards. This results in the MG9 series featuring an impressive loading capacity of 4.6T and LED thrust of 80-100N, making it ideal for use as a dance floor. Additionally, it can be utilized as sky curtains, scoreboards, perimeter displays, and more, realizing multifunctional solutions. Beyond its robust capabilities, it offers 16-bit grayscale output and a high refresh rate of 7680Hz, delivering a vibrant visual experience and maximizing its business value across various applications.


The stage was also showcaseed with our MG6S P2.6 for indoor activities, producing stunning visual effects with real color restoration for the big backdrop. Additionally, the distinctive 90° corners of the MG6S Cube attracted considerable attention. To further enhance the stage’s appeal, we incorporated a heart-shaped installation created with MG13 and MG6S for more creations.


Excitement Over New Products

The MU Series, a new addition to our large-scale rental solutions, stole the spotlight with its versatile platform design. Its ability to accommodate different pixel pitches on one frame within the same series facilitated fast installation of large screens, garnering significant attention from attendees.


Meanwhile, the MT transparent screen adorned stages with its over 50% transparency, providing a visually stunning decoration hanging up high. Its lightweight and thin design ensured safe hanging over 10m, while ±10° inner and outer arc splicing added an extra dimension of delight to events.


YES TECH's participation in the SLS Expo 2024 not only highlighted our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions but also emphasized our commitment to striving for excellence. We're delighted to see that our products have been well-received by many, and we remain committed to enhancing our products even further. 


And the next stop we will be Infocomm 2024:

From Jun.12-14, 2024

Booth NO.: W3200

VIP Code: HUN357

Las Vegas Convention Center | Las Vegas, NV

See you there!

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