YES TECH's Mnano Ⅱ Series Fine Pitch LED Display


Enter a realm of unparalleled visual innovation with YES TECH's revolutionary Mnano Ⅱ series Small Pitch LED Display. As we delve into the world of advanced display technology, the Mnano Ⅱ Series emerges as a true beacon of excellence with its groundbreaking features and capabilities. From its utilization of cutting-edge small pitch technology to its ability to achieve stunning 8K resolution, these LED displays redefine visual experiences with exceptional clarity and precision. Join us on a journey to discover the brilliance of our Mnano Ⅱ Series Small Pitch LED Display.


Advancing Small Pitch Technology

The Mnano Ⅱ Series sets new benchmarks for visual excellence by harnessing the power of advanced small pitch technology. With ultra-small pixel pitches enabling the realization of 8K resolution, these LED displays deliver immersive UHD visual experiences that astound audiences and elevate image quality standards in the industry. Embracing the latest innovations in small pitch technology, the Mnano Ⅱ Series ensures unparalleled clarity and sharpness in every visual presentation.


Tailored Cabinet Options for Diverse Needs

our Mnano Ⅱ Series Small Pitch LED Display offers versatility through a range of tailored cabinet options designed to cater to various requirements. Featuring a standard cabinet equipped with advanced COB encapsulation technology and a large cabinet size of 600*675*39.75mm to suit specific preferences. This flexibility in design allows for seamless integration and adaptability in a variety of display environments.


Enhanced Color Precision and Energy Efficiency

At the core of the Mnano Ⅱ Series is a commitment to superior performance, evident through enhanced color management and energy efficiency features. Supporting DCI color gamut management, these LED displays deliver rich and accurate colors that breathe life into visuals. With color uniformity exceeding 97% and the ability to achieve 8K resolution HD picture quality, the Mnano Ⅱ Series ensures unparalleled image sharpness and detail. The 22bit+ elaborate control output enables precise color adjustments for optimal performance, while simultaneously reducing power consumption and enhancing heat dissipation for a cool touch experience and prolonged display component lifespan.


Our Mnano Ⅱ Series Small Pitch LED Display stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the realm of visual technology. From its cutting-edge small pitch technology to customizable cabinet options and advanced color management capabilities, the Mnano Ⅱ Series redefines visual excellence in LED display solutions. Whether you seek superior image quality, energy efficiency, or versatile features, the Mnano Ⅱ Series delivers a compelling visual experience that surpasses expectations. Elevate your displays and immerse audiences in the brilliance of our Mnano Ⅱ Series Small Pitch LED Display.

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