YES TECH Supports the World’s Largest Spherical LED MSG Sphere in Las Vegas


On 29th Sept, the world’s largest spherical LED, MSG Sphere was officially opened to the public. This is the world's first spherical immersive top-tier entertainment venue and may become a new landmark in Las Vegas.


Reportedly, The MSG Sphere has cost $2.3 billion to develop, which can accommodate nearly 20,000 people. The Irish rock band U2 performed the opening show here, YES TECH’s flagship product MG series support the debut stage of MSG Sphere with a stacked screen main stage.


MSG Sphere is located in the center of Las Vegas, which is 90m high and 150m wide. The outer shell features 55,700sqm of LED Screens, which is larger than 3 football fields, making it the largest LED screen in the world. There are 15,793sqm of LED screen along the inner surface, creating a massive interior spherical screen.


The main stage consists of an upper 10-meter diameter circular screen and a lower 14mx14m square screen, seamlessly integrated to create a unified stage. Helping to create an immersive experience for the venue and contribute the technological prowess for the U2 band show.


It took 5 years to developed and LED screen coverage is unparalleled globally. YES TECH, with more than 20 years of experience in display industry, has contributed to numerous iconic projects. Including opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian games, Beijing Winter Olympics, G20 summit India, Indonesia and Japan, Brazil World Cup and over 10,000 classic cases. The excellent quality has been highly praised by customers, facilitating the successful implementation of the main stage in the giant spherical structure.


The creative design of the floor tile screen on the central stage combines a three-dimensional square screen with a layered circular screen. The floor tile screen on the central stage is composed of the flagship MG7S Series and MG Creative Extended Series. With the characteristic of “Multi-functions, Multi-shapes”, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. In addition to common screen, it also can be applied to floor tile screen, sky curtain, stadium screens, etc.. Moreover, the combination of MG7S and the MG creative extended series allows for various creative shapes, such as circle, numbers, letters and so on. Its unique versatility has been tested and proven in numerous international projects, which can be comparable to the professional floor tile screen. Its lightweight and load-bearing capacity is better than that of the professional floor tile screen.


The main stage features a double-layered structure, imposing extremely high requirements on structural strength and load-bearing capacity. After technical innovation of MG7S series, the LED’s thrust increased by 100% and the load bearing capacity of 4.6T. Effortlessly achieving stability in scenarios like "people standing or jumping on the screen, loading equipment”. Fully guarantee the stable performance and visual effect on the stage. Meanwhile, its ultra-high contrast and wide viewing angle characteristics contribute significantly to an immersive visual experience at the venue.


YES TECH is horned to support this significant event. Since the initiation of the "MSG Sphere" project, our R&D team collaborated intensively from design to implementation. Producing nearly 300 drawings for cabinet structures and designing over 700 items of floor tile brackets, cabinets, and PCBs. After the pre-assembly was completed in the factory, customers arrived from overseas to YES TECH’s factory for inspection. During this process, there were multiple face-to-face discussions, the teams continuously optimized and conducted on-site testing to achieve the ultimate solution according to the customers’ feedback. On the opening day of MSG Sphere, the performance went smoothly, YES TECH won the praise from the customers for their high-quality products and professional services.

Reportedly, the show of the Irish rock band U2 will last until mid-December 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Special Support by Fuse Technical Group

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