YES TECH Supports the 2023 WTA Finals in Cancun


On November 7th, the WTA Finals 2023 in Cancun, Mexico came to a successful conclusion. Since 1972, the tournament has been one of the top women's tennis competitions and the finals are highly regarded by fans and professionals, attracting millions of tennis enthusiasts who tune in to watch the finals. 


YES TECH's star product MG Series once again demonstrated on the world stage, exhibiting not just the exciting moments of the players, but also the charm of sports and becoming a splendid spectacle at the grand tournaments.

All the displays at the competition were provided by YES TECH. The LED screens around the site highlighted the theme of the tournament with brilliant colors. The dazzling colors accentuate the exciting atmosphere and the vivid, smooth and stable image quality fully activates the passion and vitality of the sport.


The large on-court screen serves a dual purpose as a scoreboard and a replay screen, showcasing high-definition visuals to tennis fans worldwide. It captures the exciting moments and enhances the spectator's viewing experience. Additionally, it allows athletes to stay updated on the score while on the court, offering comprehensive support for both on-field and off-field needs.


Magic Stage series with nearly thirty patents adopts the workmanship of a linear sealing process to strengthen the adhesion of lamp beads and improve the anti-collision ability by more than 2 times. With unique performance for indoor and outdoor use, as well as high stability and reliability, combined with high refresh rate, high brightness and high contrast characteristics, the MG Series can be used in open-air sports venues and still maintain clear and vivid image quality in sunlight. It can be fully applied to major events and venues, enabling the fluency and stability of live streaming that is well-recognized by our customers. 


YES TECH LED display, which takes advantage of excellent visuals, stable and reliable performance, is favored by international sporting events. YES TECH has provided professional LED screens for many important events, including the Winter Olympics in Beijing and Sochi, Olympic Games in Rio and London, Asian Games in Hangzhou, Jakarta and Incheon, World Cup in Qatar, Russia and Brazil. YES TECH will remain committed to serving the sports industry with better products and services, and continue to empower intelligent transformation in the sports industry!

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