LED Spheres for Captivating Visuals


Last year, the grand opening of the renowned MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, featuring 54,000 square meters of LED displays, wowed audiences. Inspired by this innovative design, YES TECH has created a mini “sphere” in Vietnam, measuring 10 meters in diameter. This stunning installation has thrilled visitors with its versatility and endless creativity, providing an immersive entertainment experience for brand showcases.1_1720159700.jpg


The sphere features inner MG7S P3.9 and MG7S P4.8 for exterior. As our best seller for a decade, the MG7S is a perfect choice both for indoor & outdoor applications. Now we have upgraded it to the 9th generation of MG9 Series with an incredible performance excellence.


Full Range Viewing Angle for Perfect Shooting

To retain a consistent visual experience from any angle of the sphere, the unique U-shaped mask provides a 160° viewing angle both vertically and horizontally, eliminating color bias, color blocking, and image distortion. This leads to a wider audience coverage and an enhanced viewer experience. 8_1720160040.jpg

Higher LED Thrust for Low Damage

For outdoor installations, the LED sphere benefits from TET technology, providing a thrust of 80-100N for the LEDs. Protective corners on all four sides effectively safeguard the LEDs (P2.9) and enhance the anti-collision capability by 2.3 times.


Wonderful Visual Presentation

The high-resolution visuals of the LED sphere are made possible by the adjustable brightness range of 800-5500 nit, allowing for optimal visibility under different lighting conditions. With a high refresh rate of 7680Hz, a high gray scale IC, and a contrast ratio of 12000:1, the sphere is capable of displaying smooth and detailed content, creating a vibrant and colorful visual world.


Light Weight Cabinet for Easy Installation

The cabinet is light and thin, the single cabinet is only 71mm thick and weighs only 6.1kg. It is easy to install. For maintenance, it features modular design and the cabinet can be replaced directly from the entire screen.


Universal for Indoor & Outdoor Applications

The sphere installation can be used in both indoor & outdoor applications for exhibitions, conferences, experience halls, etc to attract more visitors for wider visibility of your brand. Besides this installation, the MG9 can be used as ceiling screen, stadium screen, dance floor, and so on to cater to various needs. Combined with MG Creative Extended Series, it can realize letters, numbers, hearts, etc for more creations.


YES TECH is dedicated to offering high-quality products and innovative solutions, relentlessly pursuing the satisfaction of customer needs with excellence, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.


Special thanks to the Creative Agency: VIRAL TOWN Vietnam

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