YES TECH Cheers for UEFA 2024


At the climax of the grand opening of UEFA 2024 on June 14th, thousands of football fans descended on Munich Football Arena for the first match between Germany and Scotland. To broadcast real-time updates of the games both inside and outside the field, the importance of the LED displays was paramount. These cutting-edge screens not only ensured that every thrilling moment was captured and shared with the audience but also enhanced the overall viewing experience with high-definition visuals and dynamic replays.


As a professional LED display manufacturer, YES TECH emerges an important role in numerous sports events like the FIFA World Cups in Qatar and Brazil, the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games, and the Beijing Olympic Games. It stands out in sports games with: 


1. High Protection

As sports events are mostly held outdoors, high protection for the displays is essential. Our outdoor rental MG Series has an IP65 rating and dual heat dissipation to better cater to humid or hot weather.


2. Multi-functions & Creative Shapes

The highlight lies in the unique characteristic of "Multi-functions & Creative Shapes," offering wide application with low investment for high business value. MG Series can be used as:


Perimeter screen: Adopting with MG multi-function frame that only requires simple steps to set up. The frame is adjustable to ensure better viewing angle and the soft cushion on the top helps the screen to be safer and more reliable. YES TECH's perimeter displays stand firm around the playing field, presenting sponsor adverts, and live statistics to a wider audience.


LED Cube Scoreboard: The scoreboards offer real-time updates with vibrant colors and clear visibility. Four-sided cube LED video screens can be tilted for better visibility. Our MG Cube series ensures timely updates for audiences in large stadiums.



Message screen: Essential for large stadiums and fan zones, the main screen can show detailed information like live video feeds of the players on the field. With a 7680 Hz high refresh rate and 5500 nits brightness, the MG9 delivers clear visuals even under strong light, boosting fan spirit.


The "Creative Shapes" feature adds more delight to your games for opening ceremonies. The MG Series can quickly realize curved screen with MG curved connectors, adding an option for sports without customized screens. More importantly, it can be combined with our MG Creative-Extended Series to create a stage, like the "flower" stage in the World Cup of Brazil, the “airplane” stage in Superbowl Halftime Show, the circular stage in CAMPEAO 2024, offering more possibilities for your games.


Always attentive to customer needs, YES TECH provides onsite support to ensure real-time adjustments. Dedicated to high-quality products and cutting-edge solutions, YES TECH enhances the sports experience with reliable and dynamic LED displays.


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