A Spectacular MG6S LED Wall Dazzles Italia’s Got Talent Final


On June 12, 2024, the grand final of Italia’s Got Talent took place at the Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan. This globally renowned show featured an impressive LED wall comprising 810 panels of the MG6S P3.9, which was a highlight. This enormous display, combined with the performance of the 2023 winner, created a wonderful visual experience on stage, enhancing the grandeur of the show.



YES TECH MG6S P3.9: The Ideal Choice for Indoor Events

The MG6S, designed for indoor use, shares many technical and structural features with the well-known MG7S, our bestseller for over a decade, but with LED specifications tailored for indoor environments, ensuring versatility and reliability.


Standout Features of the MG6S P3.9:

1. Lightweight and Durable:

The cabinet, made from patented polymer nano-material, measures 500*500*73 mm and weighs only 5.8 kg, making it easy to handle and install.


2. Delicate and Detailed Visuals:

With a pixel pitch of 3.9mm, the MG6S offers sharp, high-resolution images ideal for close-up viewing. Its high-refresh IC of 3840Hz supports smooth and flicker-free visuals essential for live broadcasts. The integration of HDR technology and 18-bit grayscale enhances image quality, delivering an exceptional viewing experience.


3. Full Black LEDs:

Utilizing SMD2020 full black LEDs, the MG6S provides deep blacks and high contrast ratios, enhancing visual impact with vivid, vibrant colors.


4. Brightness and Versatility:

With a brightness range of 800 to 1200 nits, the MG6S flexibly adapts to various indoor conditions, providing a comfortable viewing experience in settings from dim theaters to bright conference rooms.


5. Modular Design:

The MG6S features a cable-less, modular design that allows for quick assembly and disassembly. Its front and rear maintenance capabilities ensure easy repairs and adjustments.


The MG6S LED wall significantly contributed to the visual spectacle of the Italia’s Got Talent finale, proving its exceptional visuals as a perfect pick for indoor events. YES TECH is committed to providing high-quality products and innovative solutions to customers worldwide, and in the future, we will continue to strive for excellence in LED displays.

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